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Nortels is a place that’s all your own. To stay. To relax. Gives every guest a home away from home experience. Nortels is a new and delightful service apartment chain with 3 prime properties in the corridor of IT and vicinity of all Corporates in Chennai. It is the ideal solution for long-stay corporate travelers and tourists looking for comfort and conveniences, at an amazing tariff. Nortels Hotel Apartments offers 3 Prime Facilities in Chennai IT corridor ( Rajiv Gandhi Salai - Old Mahabalipuram Road ) With Tastefully Furnished and Spacious 120 Rooms.

Prior known as Madras, Chennai is India’s 6th biggest city and the capital of the southern territory of Tamilnadu. Being the 6th biggest, the 369-year-old city has for some time has not been used by travellers, regularly serving more as a stopover point or a business destination instead of a vacation. Irrespective of being used as a business or a stopover destination, Chennai is generally, a city worth visiting and exploring. Sitting beside the Coromandel shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai has the second longest beachfront of any region on the planet.

Known for its sweltering warmth and creeping movement, the 'capital of the south' has dependably been the somewhat frump kin among India’s four greatest metro areas. As the portal toward the South, Chennai’s way of life is unmistakably not the same as that of whatever another city in India. The Tamil convention and culture are indigenous to this locale and is basically the festival of the excellence, which is exemplified through move, garments, and figures.

The people behind Nortels

Nortels Service Apartments is promoted by a successful Singapore based business group comprising of non-resident Indians. The group’s business interests are diverse and spread across Singapore, Malaysia and India. A team of professionals with rich experience run Nortels. Their commitment and personalized involvement makes Nortels what it is: "Your haven of space"...

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